Ömer Erdoğdular

Ömer Erdoğdular, whose lifelong dedication to the mastery of the ney and unwavering commitment as a global ambassador of Turkish music echoes the profound influence of Rumi, embodies a passionate spirit that extends beyond melodic realms. With a generosity that knows no bounds, he enthusiastically imparts his vast reservoir of musical wisdom to all who seek it, seamlessly intertwining his roles as both a musical mentor and a masterful jewelry artisan, creating an inspiring tapestry of artistic excellence that resonates far and wide.


Ömer Erdoğdular started studying music while still a child, initially learning ney from his father. He began studying ney with Ümit Gürelman, as well as Halil Can, who influenced his intellectual approach to art. In 1965, he started ney lessons with Niyazi Sayın, which continued for many years and beyond music.



Ney Classes

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